My Hair Journey: The Early Years

Part I of III - My story about what it is like to grow up under the social stigmas of beauty and my path to learning to embrace natural hair texture. The journey to loving my hair has been a very long, sometimes painful, but ultimately beautiful ride. 

My Hair Journey: The Transitional Years

When I discovered the world of relaxers and straight hair, you couldn’t tell me NOTHIN’, honey. I felt like I finally had the hair freedom I’d always desired. Never mind this “freedom” was two hours of blow drying and flat ironing, but it was my dream hair... or so thought.

My Hair Journey: Acceptance and Love

After over two decades of fighting my hair I gave in to my natural curls in all their glory. Of all the hair decisions I have made, it’s been the best one and probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in general. I know that sounds dramatic, but learning to love my curls allowed me to start learning to love myself as well.